All About February's Birthstone: Amethyst

February 21, 2021

We might be biased, but we love Amethyst and we're certainly not alone in our love for the purple stone, it's a popular favorite across the world among gemstone lovers and February babies alike. 

So, what makes Amethyst so special? 

The purple variety of quartz, Amethyst gets its color from the presence of trace elements like iron. The stone's color ranges from light lilac to a deep dark purple, and our Four Peaks Amethyst is what's known as 'Siberian Red,' a darker shade of the stone that boasts flashes of red. 

You can find Amethyst all over the world, but it's most prevalently found in areas of Brazil where the geodes form in large volcanic rocks. Some of these large cavities boast hundreds of pounds of Amethyst crystals. And while much of the Amethyst you may buy is from Brazil, don't be fooled, it's also mined in South Korea, Russia, South Africa, and of course, Arizona. You can also find it in nearby Colorado and up north in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

February's birthstone is also well known for its metaphysical properties. After all, its name comes from the Greek for 'not intoxicated.' The ancient Greeks believed that wearers of Amethyst or those who drank from goblets made from the stone would be protected against getting drunk. While we can't quite verify the myth, it does prove that Amethyst has been worn and used in jewelry for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.